The Story Behind the Podcast

Everybody loves a back story, right? Somewhere back 15 years or so, at the beginning of podcasting, we built a bar. We began to populate that bar with friends and family and booze. We said a lot of stupid shit. Eventually, we decided to record it. The original Barnuts lasted for a couple years and then it was lost to the ages. As a matter of fact, only 1 episode is in existence.

Well, guess what. We’re back! It’s been so long our kids are old enough to drink and apparently they have some stories to tell. We’ve still got some of the old friends and we’ve made some new ones. If you’ve heard the story before, raise a hand and take a shot. If not, sit back, relax with your favorite beverage and enjoy.

Meet Your Hosts

Scott-your bartender
Mai-Tai’s at Strongwater

Scott is the budding mixologist that keeps the social lubricated. He’s spent a lifetime abusing his liver and now he has friends to join him.

He started Barnuts over 15 years ago as a way to combine two passions, drinking and talking. Here we are now, still drinking, still talking, but this time we’re recording.



Kass-the better half
Mai-Tai’s at Strongwater

Kass is the sultry voice better half with the wicked tongue. She keeps the rest of the bar on their best behavior while trying to stay sober. 2 drinks max. It’s her rule, not mine.