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Serving up great drinks and good conversation weekly

Our ragtag group of opinionated drunks gets together every week to tell tall tales, talk shit and reach for that two drink maximum.

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Barnuts Podcast Logo
Barnuts Podcast

Meet Your Hosts

Scott-your bartender
Mai-Tai’s at Strongwater

Scott is the budding mixologist that keeps the social lubricated. He’s spent a lifetime abusing his liver and now he has friends to join him.

He started Barnuts over 15 years ago as a way to combine two passions, drinking and talking. Here we are now, still drinking, still talking but this time we’re recording.



Kass-the better half
Mai-Tai’s at Strongwater

Kass is the sultry voice better half with the wicked tongue. She keeps the rest of the bar on their best behavior while trying to stay sober. 2 drinks max. It’s her rule, not mine.



Alex-the rookie
Alex-the Rookie


This is Alex, the healthiest liver of the group. Be nice to her. We recently learned she’s into stripper poles and country music. Lord have mercy.


SuSu brings the sass and she’s always up for a floater on the Mai-Tai. When she’s not at the local Elk’s lodge you can find her here.